This is mostly for people who live in Berlin or who have the possibility to visit here:


Complete Personal Reading  150,- €

(I will answer all questions, it usually lasts 60 to 90 minutes and it is very good for a very through look into the problem areas and a first contact)


Readings per Telephone  1,50 € per Minute

(for short questions and answers or an update)


Readings per Telephone  70,- € without time limit

(for a first elaborate reading, no time limit helps to think of all the questions and listen and remember to what was said)


How to Read Cards Seminar 300,- € 

Learn in 10 hours how to help people with their problems. From 4 participants on you can ask for a special price.


Note:  for a Tarot seminar I need 20 hours and separate them in a beginner course and an expert course. Tarot has 78 cards and naturally need more time for them.


Spiritual Coaching Seminar 300,- €

Learn how to be an excellent spiritual coach in 10 hours. I include also all needed administrative questions as well as any problem or questions from clients and how to answer them. This is a course for people who already know how to read cards or have other spiritual knowledge and who want to turn this into a business.


Gift Certificate for a Reading  plus a  second reading after 30 days 70,- €

An unusual present for people who already have everything and for whom it is difficult to find new presents every year.




Reiki 1. Grade Attunement:  170,- €


Reiki 2. Grad Attunement:  250,- €


Reiki 3. (Master) Grade Attunement: 350,- €


Reiki Teacher:  600,- €



Reikihealing / Reikirelaxing  60,- € About 60 Minutes



Of course I do have a discount system, here it is:




If you bring a new client   70,- €




1 person    250,- €

2 people (save  50,-€ ea)  400,- €

3 people  (save 67,-€ ea)  550,- €


If you register for 2 courses right away (i.e. Tarot beginner and expert)


1 person (save 50,-€)  400,- €

2 people (save 200,-€ ea)  800,- €

3 people (save 300,-€ ea)  1.200,- €


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